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Thursday, March 20, 2008

GEEK! - Tablet PC test - see previous life drawing post.

Me mate Keith kindly lent me his Tablet PC (a Toshiba Portege M700, if yer interested)... I've been using a Cintiq at work for about a year or so, and though I'm of the opinion that they will never replace a pencil and paper, they are fantastic for anything that involves 'cleaning up', inking, colouring etc, or jotting down quick ideas about colour, animation thumbnails etc.

Took it to life drawing (see below), stayed fairly conservative in Photoshop / just tone for the bulk of stuff, then 'had a go' at some colour stuff. Though it feels a bit like drawing with a marker pen on cling film, I didn't feel desperately limited, in general my drawing certainly (understandably) didn't get any better, but didn't get much worse. A handy tool, I'm gonna buy one (in the distant future).

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