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Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I don't often post 'work work' here, but I've been busy with 'work work' so thought I'd post something from 'work work' a few years ago now, to keep things rolling.
I worked as concept artist on 'Playstation Home' up to launch. This was a design for a downloadable 'cat' suit, modelled, textured etc by the uber-talented Roger Hudson.

Designed to work 'over' one stock human rig, hence facehole mouth, knee-skinning-encompassing, belly bulge. I think on the day perhaps I may have also been looking at baboons. I still like him though.

I think you can download this fromPlaystation Home now, though last I saw he had recieved a luminous pink and yellow update.

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sameermahoolkar said...

nicely drawn hair. good work