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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Some more 'SpringJack' character dev stuff. He went through various shapes and sizes, but the trickiest thing was working out a 'system' for his legs... they had to have built in 'wobbliness', so his 'stabiliser boots' had something to stabilise, but he also had to have a believable strength and springiness. Likewise the battery chestpack: should be bold and visible, but not obscure or impede his body spring.
Early pose sketch... what does he have to do? Note no body spring!

Early sketches, dev... Who is he? Is he a flea? A frog?

A couple of frog variants above... How does it work? Where is the power?
Body Spring built in here just for nice shape 'reversal'... Keith (animator) had the genius idea of using it for extra wobble and power!

Building a base for satisfactory additons, above.
Took the design right back to the original...
Exploring simple, bold facial expression, above.

Starting to get specific above..

Still working on those pesky wobbly feet... Piston ankles?

...or sprung ankles?

By the time this was in (above), was just a case of tidying up.
Definitely a scenario where pose blocking / designing in motion, back and forth paid off.

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