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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Wonderbook 'Hansel vs Gretel': Story / Layout Process from Luke Newell on Vimeo.
One of the things I'm most proud of through the long twisting development of Wonderbook was working on how to get an end-to-end story on the Wonderbook.
It's a book!: Story pacing must accommodate physical page turns.
It's a stage play!: Layout must take into account the fully rotateable 'stage'.
It's a movie!: Ultimately all imagery displayed on a 16:9 ratio TV screen.
It's a game!: Interactive content. How to include games without breaking the story flow.

Each on the ten story 'spreads' broken down into three stages... Illustration, 3D Layout, Final. This is all a massive simplification of the twisty turns we took, but I think it shows the solid outcome.

I was story / layout artist on this (see video... of course the 'final in-game' stuff is not my work, that is down to a team of massively talented team!).

A snippet of some further concept / character work I did below. Full Wonderbook website page to follow .

Face texture sheet... 

Witch hairdo fun...

Exploring facial options....

Witch design maquette, development....

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