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Thursday, January 25, 2007

puppeteers and puppets are ace... this IS relevant.

Go and see Avenue Q. Sesame Street, 25 years on.

Brilliant. I was expecting the puppeteers to be cowering behind black clothing, or screens, but the cast is not exclusively puppet / human, it's a mix, and the puppeteers are just in neutral-ish clothing. Takes a minute to get your head around, by the end, you are utterly entranced by the puppets... Over the course of the play, I found myself feeling the full gamut of emotions (give or take) toward something which had no tongue, teeth, blend shapes, driven keys, eyelids... no facial expression apart from the one stitched in, everything displayed, essentially, through upper body shape.

It's a bloody good laugh regardless, but also came out geeking out about the actors / puppeteers. I am now typing with socks on both hands, with buttons for eyes.

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