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Thursday, January 25, 2007


The masterplan for the cat is to take a shortcut to getting him going, and moving, otherwise I won't animate him til I'm fifty. I'm currently doing some figure animation in my spare time too, using 'LOWMAN' (google 'lowman' / 'lichman', nuff respeck). I reckon I can crack out (and experiment with) some animation while I'm building the cat mesh, then skin the finished cat to the lowman rig...bosh. Done.

Hopefully I get quick gratification at seeing the thing move, but also, it's a way of testing my mesh with 'no excuses'... if it doesn't deform right on animation done 'unsympathetically' for that mesh, then the mesh aint right.

(ps... yes, the setup, the door etc, is very similar to something you may have seen on the animation mentor reel... I stole it, but I do have a very different 'punchline'.... so that's ok... they only stole it from 'roadrunner' anyway).

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